Artist Statement

As a New Media artist I utilize different technologies to represent personal and collective interpretations of knowledge, narratives and imagination. I create spaces where perceptions and emotions are mediated by digital mediums juxtaposing reality and virtuality and allowing the audience the experience to be observer and performer. My work involves mainly interactive installations, physical computing, data visualization, immersive environments, video and sound.

I am inspired by discussions in the field of philosophy of science and technology, as well as New Media art theories. The study of artificiality, virtuality, non-linearity, emotions, critical technology, techno-science and social studies has guided my work
over the years.

My previous artworks, “in silico”, and “the mapping projects”, were based on the artificial/natural dialectic and the different ways authors such as Haraway, Latour or Echeverria understand it. In the GPS tracking and visualization system “PTS: ParanoidTracking-System”, I examined how in metropolis like Mexico city, the concept of safety is based less on the reality of the area than on ideas created by the media. “Resulting from or showing sincere and intense conviction” is an immersive videoinstallation
about loss, pain, narcissism, relationships, presence and absence.

My work deals with the way we construct and interpret human responses and reactions to the environment we inhabit. I deconstruct emotions, sensations and reactions and I reconstruct them in a non-human body. I try to create an emotional dialogue. I am also interested in information aesthetics and the role of art to examine, visualize, interpret and transform data. I experiment with technology to find ways to represent information and create connections, narrative and maybe insight.