PTS: Paranoid-Tracking-System (2004)

Software based installation, GPS tracking, 50 subjects followed. Mexico city and metropolitan area image database. PTS: Paranoid-Tracking-System is a software based installation, composed by gps-tracked cars and a bank of images from the city. It is a visual system that interprets the social fear provoked by the media and the newspapers in Mexico City. The sequence of images, are taken from the area where the tracked car is driving, and choose within in one of the five stages per picture, each assigned to a level of paranoia. This piece shows how in cities like Mexico, the idea of safety is not based on the reality of the area, but in the ideas created by the media about some areas in the city. Drivers that don’t belong to a neighborhood will see all around them as dangerous and menacing. All provoked by the media.

Project Name PTS: Paranoid-Tracking-System (2004)