Intro to Programming

The Ohio State University, Department of Art
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Art 3001 Internet Art: Intro to programming & dataViz

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Course description:
For this course we use the Processing IDE to create generative, static, animated and interactive applications for the web within the context of new media arts. In the process the students learn the fundamentals of software programing.

This studio course covers how to use the software “Processing” to produce a wide range of possible applications such as generative drawing, interactive applications, data visualization, and video and sound applications for the web in the context of new media art. It also covers its possibilities and uses for digital imaging, digital production and physical computing.
The class integrates Hands-on demonstrations, tutorials, lectures, art presentations, discussions of readings, project production, group and individual research, oral critiques and artwork production. Significant work outside of class will be necessary to realize your artistic goals.

The student will learn the main constructs of programming (functions, variables, loops,…) through the usual stages (plan, code, test and debug). This course is designed for people with no programming experience, but assumes that you know how to use a computer. It operates in the idea to watch, code, test and talk about it. Collaboration is expected along with individual research and practice.


Below are some images of the Student Work, to see interactive projects and assignments follow the links.

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Spring14 student Work
Spring15 student Work



Students are encouraged to explore Art game cultures with topics as user/participants, narrative/ludology, critical play, game theory, game studies, game hacking games, social games; gender constructions, women in gaming, VR & augmented realities, etc.

Project Name Intro to Programming