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DESKTOP “GSD” (stand-alone) has been in service for 15 yers providing service to over 500 vehicles across 30 companies in Mexico city and the Mexican territory.

The MOBILE APP project (2018) allows the fleet manager to utilize the driver's cell phones within the GSD tracking platform instead or along the hardware GPS devices. The Manager APP also allows monitoring and tracking like the current standalone Desktop Software, that Digitrack'e customers have used for over 15 years, with more limited capabilities

In the DRIVER APP dashboard, the driver can see the vehicle speed, and send an emergency alert. The user has limited access, he or she can not edit or add information. The DRIVER APP only runs driver mode. This version is intented for drivers to report position to their fleet Supervisor

In the MANAGER APP, The manager can see one or multiple units' position in the map. The manager can add/edit units, receive alerts, and run both manager mode and driver mode. This version is intended to have full control over the vehicles.

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