UX case Study: Tiny Tales


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Tiny tales is a library of stories, published by authors and illustrators, for parents to read to their kids, solving the need for parents to have to find though many different sources the right one. Our big challenge was to design a way parents could choose the right story among a large inventory of educational stories, short stories, and illustrated books at the right time of their children’s age and interests.

The format
This excercise was done in a 5 day mini sprint:
Day 1: Gather insights, Understand, map and define the probem
Day 2: Competitive research, and Ideate and Sketch solutions
Day 1: Narrow and create a Storyboard
Day 1: Prototype the solution and low-fidelity Visual Design
Day 1: Test and get feedback to Validate

The hypothesis
To solve this problem, I wanted to design a solution that would help parents choose either through similarity, through recommendations or through categories to find the right stories, and provide a organized way to store them.
My role
was to evaluate the user’s research and to design and prototype a solution, testing through the iterations of the product’s development.
The design process
We adopted a design-sprint approach to understand our user and c ontext, explore possible solutions, design a user-centered solution and evaluate to ensure the solution responded to the user’s needs.

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